Summer Loving

Some randoms from the past week…and why we’re loving summer. :)

We picked up our anniversary cake courtesy of Rosebeary’s Designs in Baking…hallelujah, let me at that icing.

Had some quality time with this pooch while my familia went to Jersey.

Ain’t she a doll?

Double dated it up with some of my favorite people eveeeer. :) World, meet Wes & Molly. They share our love for ice cream.

Reese’s. Chocolate ice cream. Hot fudge. Need I say more?

Celebrated Mama-in-law’s birthday! This is not from her birthday, but we look cuter here than we did scarfing down Earl’s BBQ. ;) Baha.

I suspect Kickingbird will soon ban me from their store for coming in solely to pet their puppies.

Andrew. Johnny Carino’s. What more could I want from life?

Yes, Plato’s Closet may be a kind of thrift store. But these shirts were $10 total. I can’t ignore those kinds of deals.

And finally, we Thundered Up this past week. A lot. Praise da Lawd.



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