It’s Friday. Have Some Letters.

Dear Friday, I am so glad you are here. I have waited for you, sweet weekend, to bring me a break from the busy! Bless you. Let’s go swimming tomorrow, mmk? Mmk, great.

Dear Editing, We are not friends this month. I have 10,000 photos to go through, and it’s only just begun. I do, however, appreciate you allowing me to work in my PJs while I sip on chocolate milk and watch Homeward Bound. But please end quickly.

Dear Workouts, We are becoming BFFs! Hallelujah, because I’m going to need to start swimming soon, and you need to help fix me up. Billy Blanks makes me feel like a rockstar.

Dear Mornings, Apparently I like you now? Who’d have ever guessed.

Dear Husband, I loves you. Thank you for sharing my love for food and for working so hard so we’re able to afford date nights filled with lots of food. Hey, let’s go on a date soon. Olive Garden?

Dear Amy Green, I am SO happy I get to watch you get married tonight!! :D

Dear Kristi Belle, Come hang out with me soon. I’m sure there is something we need to discuss. Or a cake in my fridge we could eat. ;)

Dear Mama, Thank you for being my sanity and accepting my phone calls of hysteria. You give me desperately-needed perspective. Thank you.

And dear Michael’s, Please stop selling such cute nautical merchandise until I have more money.

Happy weekend!



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