Caitlin Counts

The planning side of me is bursting with anticipation at these countdowns. Enjoy with me.

58 days till Andrew, Mom and Dad-in-law, and I are on a CRUISE. Have I updated you on this? We’re going on a cruise. To Cozumel. My first cruise ever. We’re going to celebrate the near graduation of Hubs. Hooray! :D


90 days (give or take 15 or so) till I HAVE MY PUPPY. Guys. I don’t even want to elaborate on this for fear that I’ll freak lots of you out and I’ll also end up weeping at my desk.


172 days till my handsome husband has a handsome college diploma. Graduation day will be celebrated with a lot of food and shouts of joy, I guarantee it.


182 days till CHRISTMAS. People. Am I wrong or did the year just start like two seconds ago?

What am I forgetting? I didn’t do a countdown for Thanksgiving…but I’m more excited for Christmas. I’ll add that when it gets closer. Any other big occasions I’m leaving out?

Happy Tuesday loves! :)



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