Don’t Take Caitlin Shopping

Listen, folks. There’s a reason I try to avoid going to the mall more than once a month. Aside from the fact that I’m hopelessly unable to turn down a slice of cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company…

…I’m also unable to turn down cute clothes from Gap.

True story – it was Andrew’s idea to go into Gap. LET IT BE KNOWN that I did not suggest it. I hardly ever go into Gap because everything there is beautiful, and I almost always come out with a depleted checking account. Luckily, they did have a 40% off deal going on for some super cute shorts…so I bought a few. (P.S. I know I make weird faces…I promise I don’t try to. I hate mirror pictures, but I hate them more when girls smile and do ridiculous poses, so indifference it is!)

Andrew bought clothes too…just to clarify, but he won’t let me put up pictures.

And the other thing about Gap? They don’t make me feel ginormous¬†like some stores. These shorts are all a size 2. BOOYAH. God bless America, and God bless my Billy Blanks TaeBo Express DVD.

I’m apparently unable to turn down clothes from Maurice’s too…because I got these a couple weeks ago when I went shopping for a dress for brother’s wedding.

This was the dress and shrug I wore to the wedding. On sale, of course. ;)

Sigh. I’m broke, guys. I won’t be going shopping for a loooong time unless I get ahold of some gift cards. Even then, I tend to spend the whole gift card and more. I think I have a problem. :-(

Anyone else gone crazy shopping lately? Tell me your stories, and make me feel better. ;)

OH. And HAPPY 4th of July! :)



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