Things You Should Probably Know

These are little known awesome things that you should probably know if you want to live a long and healthy life.

1. Dan Fogelberg was one of the most glorious musicians to ever walk the earth. He is arguably the most brilliant lyricist of the century, and if you’ve never heard of him, you have a lot of music to listen to. Start with these songs: “The Wild Places,” “Leader of the Band,” “The Reach,” “She Don’t Look Back,” and “To the Morning.” You’re welcome.

[He also had a rockin 610-acre ranch in Colorado…no big deal.]

2. The movie The Ghost and the Darkness is fantastic and ridiculously underrated. Val Kilmer. Michael Douglas. Killer lions. Africa. Do not watch if you are under the age of 13, as there is some blood and a certain level of scary that might make you pee your pants.

3. I know I’ve said this before…but in case you’re new to my blog, Longhorn Steakhouse has the world’s most amazing salad, and you should probably go eat it right now. Order the Renegade Top Sirloin as well. Enjoy. On second thought, tell me when you plan to go, and I’ll join you.

4. No one will ever be as awesome as Billy Joel, Denzel Washington, or Hugh Jackman. Period.

[Side note…don’t you think Billy has a little Sylvester Stallone in him in that picture from back in the day?]

5. If you’ve never eaten Friendly’s ice cream, Philadelphia soft pretzels, or New York pizza and garlic knots, you have some road trippin to do. Get started.

Now that I’ve sufficiently educated you on important matters and likely made you really hungry…

…happy Monday. :)



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