Picture Takers

In the midst of my constant editing yesterday (it’s ridiculous how many photos I have to go through the next few weeks), I realized I never shared these pictures with you guys! Well, at least not on the blog, and not all of these are on facebook. :-P I’ve paired many of them so you don’t have to scroll forever. Click on the picture if you want to see them at a bigger size. :)

These are from our one-year anniversary shoot! My precious best friend took them with my camera, and I edited them. I’ve already printed lots out for my fridge and walls. :)

I wish my flowers were still looking like this….sigh. Oklahoma heat. But our house is so cuuuuute. ;)

We have a new mailbox now thanks to our landlords, and that little chair on the left is now painted yellow. :) We also have a new and cuter doormat. ;)

Can we talk about how good looking Hubs is? Particularly in that one ^ on the right.

I’m not looking forward to childbirth in 5+ years, but it is cool to know my future babies will have super blue eyes.

I still can’t believe it’s been a year.

And then the paint war began…


More favorites.

And hey. Good news. Tomorrow is Friday. :)



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