Love and Lenses

Last week, I threw caution out the window and purchased a new lens…a very expensive, but VERY worth every penny lens. Hubs and I took some remote self-portraits to test it out Friday night after a delicious date night Johnny Carino’s meal. [I think Carino’s is now on my list…the list of the places I could eat every day. I’m craving it right now actually.]

Quick review of the lens for camera people – it’s a Canon 24-105 mm L lens. I have another L lens – my 70-200 mm zoom, and now that I’ve added this one to my collection, both of my L lenses are my favorites. I’m obsessed with the sharpness and color. I will mention that they’re only f/4, but they’re still splendid, especially for outdoor shots. This lens focuses pretty fast and gives me a great depth of field. Looooove it.

I’m afraid to tell you guys that I found a new field I love for fear that SOMEONE WILL MOW IT. Sigh. But at least I have these pictures of Hubs and me just in case. ;)













Outfit: Mint cardigan – TJ Maxx ($12!) Navy pinstriped shorts – Gap ($11!) and Cream ruffle tank I’m pretty sure is from TJ Maxx as well…but it’s an oldie so I don’t remember. :) And I’m fairly certain that Andrew’s shirt is from Gap…or maybe Banana.

Any favorites? I’m trying to decide which ones to print. I realized recently that when I make this year’s “2012 Yearbook” it will be a thousand pages long…roughly. ;-P I’ve taken so many pictures this year. On that note, can you believe the year is half over? Sigh.

Happy Tuesday loves!



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