Summer List Update

Alright. Where did my summer go? Is it really almost August? I can’t handle how fast time has been flying. Note to self…do less busy things next year, and have more lazy days of summer. Sigh.

Here’s the sadness…we’ve only crossed off ten things out of SIXTY-FOUR on our summer lists. I’m ashamed. (Of course, I did probably make my lists too long…I should’ve settled for one.) But I guess ten is better than none, and granted, we do have lots planned for the coming weeks. I’m ready to do some serious summer cherishing.

While I would love to accomplish all of these before Andrew goes back to school, I think it’d be smart to pick my favorite MUST DOs. Sadly, Colorado will have to wait till fall or next year…we’re saving up for that dog. ;) But here’s some reasonable ones I think we can fit in before school starts…

-Go to Lambert’s – I NEED to have a summer roadtrip for the sole purpose of eating way too many rolls. I’ve been dieting pretty darn consistently, and I deserve a splurge. ;) I think when Andrew’s summer class is over, we’re planning on taking a day trip to Missouri to hit up Lambert’s.

-Water balloon fight – I’m pretty certain this will happen fairly soon. It’s about time to have people over again and have an excuse to throw things at each other.

-Go to the archery range – I truly can’t believe I haven’t gotten Andrew to go here yet…it needs to be done. It’s so much fun.

-Go to the lake – We STILL haven’t scheduled that sailing trip Andrew got me for my birthday…our schedules have just been too crazy, but hopefully we’ll find a time before school!

-Walk 5 miles – True story, we tried this morning to get up and make it around Hafer 5 times, but the Pedometer app on Andrew’s phone wasn’t working and we just didn’t have enough time before he had to go to work, so we wound up only going around once…so this one we’ll have to try again when have more energy and time.

-Drive-in movie – I love Guthrie. I love movies. I needs to be there ASAP. This one might have to wait till fall if the temperature doesn’t ease up just a tad though.

-Go Camping – Oh my goodness gracious. I won’t be able to convey how badly I want to go camping…it just needs to happen.


Have you crossed a lot off of your summer lists or are you guys as busy as we are?!



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