The Early Bird. And Some Wall Art.

Quick story. I’ve recently become a morning person, and I promise I had no intention of ever becoming one. Until about two months ago, I would sleep in until 9 or 9:30 (at least), and maybe get up if I felt like it. ;) When exactly the switch occurred, I’m not sure, but all of the sudden, I started waking up between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. I didn’t set any alarms. I didn’t think about waking up early. I didn’t necessarily go to bed earlier than usual. I just started waking up automatically. And here’s the bigger shock…I work out every single morning now. I, Caitlin Cristyne Boswell, wake up every morning and work out. WHO KNEW this was possible?!

Now. This is a more laughable concept if you know me well and know how sleeping in used to be my favorite thing…and if you know that my mom would literally have to wake me up 7 times in high school before I’d attempt to get ready. But now, as strange as it sounds, getting up and working out is an essential part of my day. I kid you not. I feel healthier, of course, but I also feel like I get so much more accomplished during the day. AND I don’t feel guilty in the slightest if I take a nap mid-work day. ;)

Fast forward a couple weeks. I was reading my Bible and at the same time, wondering why I started waking up early. I came across a verse I’ve read several times and even have highlighted, but it holds a new meaning for me now.

“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears; I have not been rebellious, I have not turned away.” -Isaiah 50:4-5

I LOVE that. It was almost as if God was saying “HELLO. I am waking you up every morning genius.” (Sometimes God is sarcastic to me in my head. Lol.) What a beautiful thought! God is waking me up, watching me work out (and let’s be real – probably laughing), and beckoning me to spend time with Him. I’ve never done my quiet times in the morning, as I obviously have never been a morning person, but now there’s a new craving for me to start my day with them. There’s also a new sense of gratefulness, especially in light of recent events in our world, for waking. up. every. morning. It’s a blessing we often take for granted.

All that to say…I made some pretty new wall art after I read that verse and several others. I’m going to make a collage somewhere in my house of these. Click to download them if you’d like!

Happy Tuesday! :)



2 thoughts on “The Early Bird. And Some Wall Art.

  1. Just found your blog via lovely Pinterest. First impression: you and your husband are adorable. Second impression: I love love love Psalm 62–Have you ever heard Psalm 62 by Aaron Keyes, it’s pretty fantastic. The phrase “Find rest my soul in God alone” has been on replay in my mind for the past month. God is also sometimes sarcastic in my head. All in all, I like your blog.

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