Wish List

I’m dreaming of Christmas. [153 days FYI]

Go ahead. Call me crazy.

If you live in Oklahoma like I do and battle this 100+ degree heat on a daily basis, I assume you’re dreaming of Christmas too. And if you go to Hobby Lobby often like I do, you surely have seen their glorious aisles of holiday cheer and that HAS to put you in the Christmas mood.

Here are a few things currently on my wish list…I’m wondering if I’ll break down and buy a few before I get the chance to get them as gifts though. ;)

Gimme two of these. I love nautical goodness. [via]

And one of these. [via]

These personalized platters are sooo cute. I love the colors. [via]

Yes, I totally need this book…might have to buy it before Christmas. ;) [via]

Ah, the famous cotton hammock chair. Yes, please. [via] Only I guess I wouldn’t really be using this around Christmas time…so I should just go ahead and buy it now, right!?! ;)

And naturally, I want this, but because of the price, the “odds are not in my favor.” [via]

And can one of these suits be on my wish list for Andrew? [via J Crew]

That is all.

Happy Wednesday. :)



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