Restaurant Recommendation – Kaiser’s

Hubs and I had a fabulous date night last night! It was his first time and only my second or third at the cutest little place in Midtown called Kaiser’s. We’ve been wanting to go for weeks, but just haven’t had the patience to drive out there till last night. ;)

Guys. You should go there right now if at all possible. Take me with you, and we’ll feast.


Try not to mock me too much, but this was my dinner. It was worth. every. carb.

Can you see the cuteness of the place in the background? They have such a fun diner vibe with the barstools and tile. Looove.

Hubs is rocking the three-day beard. ;)

Andrew got a burger and fries, and I can tell you from the 12 fries I pilfered that they’re delicious.

What’s that? You wanted to see my ice cream again? Okay, fine.

I’m married to a stud.

He was quite impressed with the chocolate shake.

Self-timer test = Hubs scarfing down his shake.

Not our best self-timed portraits…but there was nowhere to put my camera but my car. ;-P

Loves. You.

Dress: Forever 21. Shoes: TJ Maxx (courtesy of Mom-in-law).

If you want to see an engagement session I shot of my friends that started at Kaiser’s, click here. (Only the first two photos are in Kaiser’s, but still. You’ll get the idea. Cute place.)

And go eat there.





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