First of all, I want to say thank you…to all you beautiful, wonderful people who are reading my blog. Since I published this post a few days ago, I have gotten dozens of messages and emails and new viewers (the power of Pinterest), and it is a joy to get to talk to all of you! Thank you, every last one of you, for your encouragement, stories, kind words, and your overall sweetness. I just loves you all so much. :) I started this blog as a way to have a log of memories, particularly so I can look back one day and remember things, but it’s been such a blessing to hear from so many of you about how you enjoy my ludicrous posts that far too often are mumbo jumbo about food and German shepherds. ;) So thank you.

And second of all, I sincerely apologize for the quality of the photos that will follow. I’ve been phone-camera-happy lately, and thus all of these photos are atrocious quality-wise. I promise I take pretty pictures for a living. ;)

Let’s play catch up. Here’s what’s been happening in the Boswell world…

We celebrated cousin Jordyn and sis-in-law Sherree’s birthdays!

I bought this necklace.

And I bought this dress. (P.S. My favorite part of this photo is the leg in the left hand corner. That’s my best friend trying to escape the picture at a lightning-fast speed.)

Hubs and I had this RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS food. Ted’s. Sigh. I’m sure we gained a couple pounds.

But fear not, we had fruits and veggies for dinner that night to make up for it.

We watched Harry Potter and I drank Fresca out of my German shepherd cup. :)

We feasted on pancakes. We are thoroughly and hopelessly addicted to pancakes.

And this morning, we went to church and Kaiser’s with these cuties. ;)

And ate some of this again. Sigh. Looks like I will not be eating anything delicious for the next week.



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