A Few House Updates

I can’t believe it’s only been 3 months since we found our home…it feels like we’ve been here forever!

We still have a dozen projects to tackle, but while Andrew’s been busy with summer school and work, and I’ve been busy with weddings and editing, I’ve tried to do a few little things inside. Andrew’s big final is TONIGHT – everyone say a prayer for my hard-working hubs please! And after we have a celebratory dinner of pancakes and bacon tonight, along with a Star Wars movie marathon, we plan to start tackling some outside projects over the next few days. :) But here’s a few tiny updates on the inside…

Remember this room from this post? ^

Here’s our wall collage that sits above the sofa now! Ahh, nautical. ;)

Here’s another gallery wall – this one is in my office right above my piano now.

Also in my office – baker’s rack and our “B” letter. :)

These little nautical storage boxes were 5 for $10 at Michael’s one week, and I scooped up a load of them! I can never have enough of these for photos and CDs and such.


Um, Andrew is really excited about this addition in his office. ;)

And the dining room now has some cute frames and a blue pitcher I painted with best friend on my birthday. :)

Hopefully I’ll have some more pictures for you soon! We’re doing yard work this week and hopefully getting some spray painting done if we can wake up early enough to beat the heat. :)



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