Steals and Deals

I love a good bargain.

I bet you guys do too.

Here. Have some bargains.

You know those bubble necklaces from J. Crew that everyone is obsessed with? The ones that sell for $150?

Check out Ebay. I got the turquoise and yellow ones. Divine. Be careful with the seller you choose and read up on their reviews, but you’re likely to get the same necklace for anywhere from $12-$30 with shipping. Granted, it might take a little longer because several of the sellers are out of Hong Kong, but I think it’s worth the wait.

Check out this etsy seller…they make awesome pillows (look at all that chevron goodness) for a reasonable price. She has a lot more pillows than seen here in my snippet picture.

Do you guys like OPI and China Glaze nail polish as much as I do? I know…it’s at least $8.50 most places, if not more…except for Amazon. I am a HUGE fan of Amazon, and I’d order nearly anything off of it. This nail polish, which is called “For Audrey” by the way, cost me $4.60 with shipping included. I’ve ordered many a favorite nail polish online, and the greatest thing? It’s mailed to you. I love a good lazy purchase. ;)

I usually don’t like really bright nail polish, but I figured I needed one last “summer” color. :)

What bargains have you stumbled upon lately?? Shaaaare them with me! :)



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