Farewell, Summer

Brace yourselves. This post has a TON of pictures.

Part of me is really sad to write this post…the other part of me is jumping up and down, rejoicing at the coming of autumn! :)

I give you, the best of our sweet summer. It went by way too fast.

In May, we moved into the cutest house…we are still terribly obsessed with it. :)

We went to Disney World for our one-year anniversary!

It was one of our favorite trips, and we ate entirely too much. ;)

In June…We bought a pool…we played with puppies…we had ice cream with our besties. :)

In July, we feasted on Pancakes and at lots of restaurants, and we hung out with Lexi Loo. And I bought a new lens. :)

We hung out with lots of cuties. :)

We rekindled our love for Johnny Carino’s salad, took pictures, and celebrated Brad & Sherree’s & Jordyn’s birthdays.

In August, we went biking, we celebrated Mom’s birthday and Keaton’s birthday, and had lots of ice cream.

We watched the pups, had cookie cake, and feasted some more. And Mom took me horseback-riding.

And to end our summer weekend in style, we went to see the Dark Knight rises again, had pancakes, went to White Water Bay one last time, had curly fries, watched Jurassic Park, and ate ice cream with our favorite boys. :)

I know. Worst picture ever to grace a blog…but it’s all I had with all of them in one frame.

And sweet Hubs had flowers and the Hunger Games waiting for me when I got home from a shoot this weekend. :)

Whew. Did you make it this far?

I am so. super. excited. for the memories fall will bring. :) Andrew starts school today, and while we both are dreading the crazy that goes along with school, we also are getting really excited about the upcoming seasons. Football, Jack, colder weather, sweaters, pictures, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Eek! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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