Cruisin’ Part 2

Let’s start with these guys. Because they’re awesome.

Note to self: learn to make towel animals.

The one feeble picture I have of our “porthole.” It was glorious to wake up and be able to see ocean outside our window. :)

My in-laws are totes the cutest.

Hubs and Dad-in-law at breakfast our first morning there. Apparently they try to seat you with other people for breakfast? Um, no thank you. I’d like to scarf down my pancakes and chocolate milk away from judging eyes.

Mom-in-law and me about to dig in to some awesome bacon. ;)

Sigh. I miss you, sweet Water Slide.

Formal night. :)

Love. this. lady.

Our dining hall was called the “Paris Dining Hall.” Oh so sophisticated. ;)

Next post up will be from our day in Cozumel! The pictures from that day are by far my favorites. :)

Happy Wednesday!



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