Cruisin’ Part 3 – Cozumel

Before I show you my favorite part of the cruise, I have to humbly ask that each and every one of you quickly say a small prayer for me. This week has been pretty darn frustrating with a series of unfortunate events, and I now have a terribly annoying cold that is making it difficult for me to work and get things done when I need to the most. So pretty please ask Jesus to heal my blocked up little nose super quickly because I have super important things to do. ;) Thank you. :)

And now…here are a few of my favorites from Cozumel! And by a few, I mean a thousand.

Click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger. :)

We headed right to a private beach and when we arrived, it literally was this empty. PERFECTION.

Hubs and Dad-in-law off to kayak. So epic. ;)


Little known facts about Hubs and me…Andrew could lay on the beach for 10 hours. In the sun. Doing nothing. I am over laying in the sun after about 30 minutes and immediately need to go do something else. We have to compromise on vacations. ;)

I don’t know why, but I was obsessed with this little boat. I want one just like it, but with a different name.

Augggh. I miss you, turquoise water.

For the love of all things, why do I not own a hammock yet?!

Mmm. Thinking I might blow this one up for my wall.

Or this one.

I love this sign so much. “Don’t take coconuts.” Hahaha.

Hubs. You’re so cute in your red bathing suit. I have a crush on you.

We just barely missed the rain, and it made for the most awesome clouds eveeeeer. God is good.

Help me decide which pictures to get prints of for my house…do we like this one better than the others?

Love. You.

So. Much.

We went to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville before we headed back to the ship!

A funny little pirate man made Andrew a parrot balloon and a flower bracelet for me.

Mom and Dad-in-law got some balloon art too. :)

The moral of the story is – go on a cruise. ;)

And wash your hands even more than you normally do so you don’t get a cold when you get home.



P.S. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY. that is all.


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