Bringing Home Jack

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” -Psalm 126:3-

Warning. Many, many pictures and even more words are coming. This post is definitely for dog people…or those who like to read.

On Sunday, August 19th, Andrew and I went to White Water Bay. We celebrated his last day of summer out in the sun eating curly fries, and we came home to snuggle and chill. That night, as I sat on my iPad browsing through the pet classifieds, as was my custom every couple of hours, I saw an ad for a German shepherd puppy named “Spike.” His little face was only 3 weeks old, and he was adorable. I saved the picture. This picture.

I showed Andrew and quickly emailed the breeder. Less than an hour later, I’d received three emails about Spike with another picture of him and more information on the litter. They were in Breckenridge, Texas. I was so sad to find out that the puppies wouldn’t be released until they were 8 weeks, which happened to fall on the weekend of my best friend’s birthday. Making a 4-hour roadtrip on her birthday weekend to bring home a puppy wasn’t ideal, and I didn’t want to get a puppy older than 8 weeks (I wanted to cherish the “littleness” as long as possible). I wanted Kristi’s weekend to be about her and already had plans to celebrate (no guessing Kristi Belle!). I also didn’t want to leave pups alone the first weekend we got him, so I emailed back with a thanks and a sad explanation, and I continued the puppy search.

On Monday, August 20th, Alyssa, Andrew, and I were watching Hunger Games at our house. :) I checked my email on my iPad during the movie and shrieked with delight as I saw an email from the breeder’s wife, saying they’d be happy to work with us and let the puppy leave a little early. We didn’t tell Alyssa (or anyone else) and after she went home, Andrew and I talked a bit and prayed a lot. We felt like Spike was actually going to be Jack. ;) I emailed back and forth a bit with the breeder, and she sent me this picture of little “Spike.” :)

The next morning, the Daily Puppy ( – I visit everyday. Haha.) was a German shepherd mix. Lord knows I love signs.

On Tuesday, August 21st, I mailed a deposit to the breeders to put a hold on Spike, and I started feeling anxious. I began worrying that something would go wrong or that we were making the wrong decision, even though we’d put loads of prayer into it. I asked God for some more signs. I dropped off the deposit in the mail and went home. Andrew called me and told me in an excited voice that he’d just seen a German shepherd and wished I was with him. He then proceeded to tell me that brother-in-law Tanner had found a German shepherd chilling in the bed of his truck that morning. Hello, signs. We planned to visit the litter Friday, August 31st to play with Spike (and the others) to see which one we wanted for sure. We would return September 7th to pick him up and bring him home when he was old enough.

On Wednesday,  August 29th, I woke up early in the morning with a terribly stuffed up nose and a sore throat. I went to work regardless. The day was awful. Then Thursday was awful as I kept trying every cold remedy I’d ever heard of while trying to get ready to go visit the puppies the following day. Several things went wrong earlier that week and I was miserable, frustrated, and not the best version of Caitlin. I kept trying to distract myself by thinking of finally getting to meet my pup, but it was difficult… and the week was by far one of the worst of the year. Perhaps the Lord was trying to increase the greatness of our first weekend with Jack by making the one before getting him royally suck. ;) And let’s be honest, I totally equate colds with death and always say that the week I can breathe out of both nostrils again will be the best week ever…and I quote, “I’ll never take my nose for granted ever again!” Being ill makes me dramatic.

On Friday, August 31st, Andrew and I left for Breckenridge, Texas as soon as he got off of work at 1:00. I was feeling a little bit better and the roadtrip was just what I needed. We found our way to the breeder’s house four hours later and went into a surreal state as the sweet lady placed the tiniest, cutest puppy I’d ever seen into my hands. He was so much smaller than I’d imagined, and he was so calm and precious. I sat down with him and turned him toward me. His little eyes looked up at mine, he licked my chin, and he snuggled. He was my puppy. We took our first family portrait via Andrew’s iPhone.

We said the hardest goodbye after playing with him for half an hour or so, and drove home trying to keep the biggest secret of our lives. I did text my brother Brad a picture and tell him he was an uncle. ;) We also told brother-in-law Tanner that Sunday, but both were instructed to remain silent. The secret keeping was incredibly difficult, but we’re huge fans of surprises. ;)

On Friday, September 7th, I finished cleaning up the house and getting it ready for Jack. The week had been busy with buying his kennel, making his “potty area” in the backyard, buying him a collar, leash, and lots of toys and treats. ;) I loaded up the car with everything we needed for the pups, and I packed up my camera gear because a 4 hour return trip with a puppy would render SEVERAL pictures. Andrew got off of work around 1:00 again, and we sped our anxious, happy selves to Breckenridge to pick up our boy! :D The road trip felt much longer this time.

This was right outside the house when we first got him!

He did awesome on the ride home…he’s a lap dog for sure. ;)

And totally a photographer’s dog. Look at him looking at the camera.

The Lord gave us some beautiful Texas skies on the way home. :)

I don’t think there is a more beautiful, more happy-sobs-inducing picture than my super handsome husband holding my super handsome little pup. :)


They wuv each other. :)

I love this nugget. Sorry again about my roadtrip hair.

We finally got home around 10:30 and had some playtime before bed.


He loves his daddy. :)


He’s the cutest thing ever, and we’re obsessed. Tomorrow, I’ll post about surprising the families and give you another thousand pictures of my little love. ;) Happy Monday lovelies!



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