Thankful Snapshots

I’m thankful for these. (You knew I couldn’t fit all the puppy pictures into one collage, right?)

Puppy snuggles, puppy car rides, puppy sleep.

I’m thankful Jackers did so good at his first vet visit! He fell asleep on the counter while the doctor was checking him. What a boss.

I’m thankful he likes to watch Iron Will with me. See the bottom right picture? That’s how he stayed for a good five minutes…especially when the doggies started barking.

I’m thankful for random, awesome gifts from Mama!

That woman. Impeccable timing. I’d just run out of my mini Hershey’s.

I’m thankful for this hard-working stud and his super handsome face. ;)

I’m thankful for Johnny Carino’s food that’s so yummy I forgot to take a snapshot of it. Bless that bread and salad.

Happy weekend loves. :)



4 thoughts on “Thankful Snapshots

  1. Ok. First, your puppy is adorable! Second, I think your blog is amazing and am totally in love with you and your sweet family! Third, I love you and your blog even more because of the present your mother gave you! So awesome!!! :)

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