A Little Diddy about Jack and Caitlin

Guys. I feel so lame for that title, but at the same time…I feel hilarious. Go ahead. Sing the song. And drag out my name to make it fit…little diddy…about Jack and Caitliiiin. Alright I’m done.

Bored of seeing my dog yet? Okay, good. Let’s show you more pictures of him. ;)

Can we talk about how big he’s gotten? These first few pictures are him at 6 weeks, close to 7…still floppy ears…still small little baby, and essentially not at all what he looks like today.

And now all of the sudden he’s 8 weeks old and looks like this!?!? LOOK AT HIS EARS. I’m in love.

He’s a biter. He’s hyper. He’s sometimes retarded and barks at his food bowl for no apparent reason…but I wuv this wittle face soooo much.

I can’t even tell you how we got this seemingly normal, happy picture.  We did some remote pics the other night, and truly – from the sounds Jack was making, you’d think we were trying to neuter him. I’m hoping he’s much, much better when Kristi Belle takes pictures for us! I’m hoping someone actually holding the camera will help, because he just didn’t seem fascinated enough with the tripod.

He’ll be 9 weeks on Thursday. Is September trying to fly by so fast?

Happy Tuesday loves. :)



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