Dancing in the Kitchen Part II

The day had been painfully long. The pup had been extraordinarily obnoxious. The stress had been unfathomably high. I stood in the kitchen making a pathetic meal of oven pizza for dinner, listening to a rainy day playlist from my iPad. “Love” by Nancy Adams came on – you probably know it as the song from the Disney cartoon Robin Hood. Love, it seems like only yesterday you were just a child at play…Now you’re all grown up and suddenly, oh how fast those moments flee. Once we watched a lazy world go by…now the days seem to fly.  Yes, that one. (Google it if you don’t remember it. It’ll probably make you cry.)

Hubs stood up, grabbed my hand, and started dancing with me…much like he did a year ago, in a different kitchen. (Here.) This time around, we were in a much bigger (and cuter) kitchen, there was a rambunctious puppy running around our feet, and the song rang truer than ever. Oh how fast those moments flee. I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone, and let’s be honest…that terrifies me. I feel significantly older than I did a year ago. And I feel like time is significantly slipping through my fingers some days.

I closed my eyes again and tried to freeze the moment, because it would be gone before I knew it. In the midst of the madness that has been the past month, sweet husband knew I needed that dance in the kitchen. I needed to pause and thank the Lord for my husband, my house, my dog, my life…because things move way too fast.

In case I haven’t told you today, I love you so very much, husband. I’m so thankful I get to have adventures with you for the rest of my life.



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