Friday Love and Letters

Dear Sweet Friday, I’m ever so glad you’ve arrived. :)

Dear Hubs, You are super cute and I loves you. Let’s go on a Panera date again?

Hubs and I celebrated the arrival of fall with Panera soup earlier this week. Let it be known that this is probably my favorite fall/winter activity. The sad fact is that Panera only has baked potato soup on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. However…tomorrow is Saturday, so Hubs and I will be visiting again. ;)

Dear Jack, Thank you, little man, for learning and blossoming. You are making my heart happy. You’re biting less and snuggling more. I love that you love to climb in my lap in the mornings, and I hope you do that even when you’re 90 pounds. :)

And hey, thanks for letting us trap you in your new, super cute sweater. You’re lookin’ fly in these pics.

Dear Dad, Sorry Jack made you bleed. I suggest you try snuggling him next time you see him instead of roughhousing. He says he’s sorry his teeth are more powerful than your hands. ;) Also, thank you for the entertainment of you watching the debate and yelling at the TV. Good times.

Dear October, You are so much kinder than September. Bless you. Let’s have lots of fall activity fun. Also, see what you can do about making Hobby Lobby do 50% off of their Christmas decor, mmk?

Dear Jesus, Love You more than anything. You are so good to me, and I am so thankful for Your provision and love.

Dear Mama, Thanks for buying me Sonic drinks and listening to my craziness all the time. And for being hilarious. Camping soon please!?!?

Dear Worm, You’re a funny kid. We should totes go get ice cream soon.

Dear Brad and Sherree, I promise I’ll have you over for dinner soon. Probably soon after my dog learns not to bite.

Dear Mom-in-law, Thanks for the pot roast last night! And thanks for shopping with me and keeping me in the loop on epic sales.

Dear Dad-in-law, Thanks for working super hard and making our yard stellar. It looks divine!

Dear Brother-in-law, Your hair looked good last night. Loves you.

Dear Readers, I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and sweetness! I love getting emails from you and hearing about your lives. If you’re ever in Oklahoma, come by and I’ll make you pancakes. ;)

Dear Husband, You get two letters cuz you’re special. I’m about to leave and bring you a quesadilla. You’re welcome. ;)



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