Name that Movie

Andrew and I have a dry-erase board in our house that is strictly reserved for our favorite game…”Name that Movie.”

Andrew guessed ^ this one yesterday. After I helped him. ;-P (P.S. I promise my handwriting is much better than it looks on that quote…I was in a rush!)

Let’s see how well you do on these. Any person to guess all these correctly wins my eternal respect. And a virtual high-five.

1. “That’ll be 300.” … “Dollars!?” … “NO, chocolate kisses! YES, dollars!”

2. “Spared no expense.”

3. “You’re obsessed with the fat lady!”

4. “And you want to know something else? I’ve never liked your spinach puffs! Never!”

5. “You are richer than any man I have ever heard of… What would you like to buy?” … “Revenge.”

Also…my dog is huge. And the cutest thing ever.

Happy Wednesday! :)



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