Adventures in Dallas

Hubs and I made an early morning journey to the big D yesterday for a mini getaway of eating and shopping. :)

We said a pathetic, almost tearful goodbye to Jack, who we obviously have an unhealthy attachment to (fear not – “Grandma” gave him lots of love all day), and we hit the road at 6:00 AM. Sorry all these pictures are sad little excuses from my phone camera…I need an iPhone desperately, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money. ;)

First stop was the Original Pancake House! Deliiiish.

No. I did not eat all of those. Promise. ;)

After breakfast, we headed to one of my favorite places on earth…IKEA. :) I did really well, and managed to stay under the $40 limit. ;)

IKEA is so in tune with me that they were playing Homeward Bound in one of their rooms. Best movie ever. ;) This was our first long day without Jack, and we were total babies about it. Mom and Alyssa sent us lots of pictures of him, and I know he was having a ball, but we were a tad homesick every now and then. The movie WOULD be at the part where precious Shadow says “I know you’ll come back” when I snapped a picture. Haha.

My favorite purchase from IKEA was this little cutie…only $6! I also bought some frames (of course), some wrapping paper, and some red towels and placemats for Christmas.

We also hit up the Galleria, because we’re obsessed with it.

And we gave them too much of our money. (This blazer is from Charlotte Russe)

Papaya is my new favorite store. This yellow blouse was $14.

Alright, no, we didn’t buy this, but it did make us miss our Jackers even more…and have an even greater respect for Gap. Haha.

Hubs bought a Cowboys shirt, and we found him a nice plaid, long-sleeved shirt from Forever 21. (I wish our F21 had a men’s section!) We had a wonderful day trip and came back with lots of fun stuff and lots less money. ;-P

It’s good to be home today with this little dude. ;)

I’ve got a wedding tonight, but tomorrow our little family plans on snuggling, taking pictures, and chilling. :)

Happy Friday!



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