Family Fun

Saturday was heavenly. All of it. It was the first day that Andrew and I both had off in quite a while, and it was reserved for pictures, snuggling, good food, and movies. :)

We woke up early to get ready to take some self-portraits with Jackers. We’re having our actual fall/Christmas card pictures taken in a couple weeks, but we wanted to document the size he is now, so we headed out to a forest-y looking spot and raced against the rain to get some of these beauties. :) I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but my little camera remote is the best thing ever. (I got mine on Amazon – here) It started raining RIGHT as we were finishing. God’s good. ;)

My handsome men!

Jack did INFINITELY better than last time we did remote pictures…he sat pretty still, didn’t bark, and seemed to understand we weren’t trying to kill him. He even looked at the camera fairly often! Hubs did well too. ;)

I adore my little family!

Favorite. :)

Hubs is getting better at photography. ;)


Happy Monday loves!



2 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. I just want you to know that Jack’s ears crack me up.They make my day so much better. I was wondering.. are his ears naturally like that or is it just magically when you take pictures :)

    • Haha I am so glad they make your days happy!! :) He’s a cutie. His ears actually have a mind of their own I feel like…Hahaha. He moves them around sometimes, and they do all kinds of turning and flopping…I’m guessing they won’t stand up straight till he’s full grown. They are quite entertaining for now! :)

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