The Countdown of Me

5 Things I Can’t Live Without:

1. Hubs.

2. Jack Sparrow.

3. Family.

4. Adventures.

5. Cookie cake & pizza. (Yes. That is two things. But I cannot be forced to choose one.)

4 Things that Terrify Me:

1. Crickets. Grasshoppers. Anything that jumps quickly to my leg without telling me.

2. Fire.

3. Growing up.

4. Children. Having them, raising them, birthing them. (Although they do look kinda cute next to German shepherds.)

3 Things that Annoy Me:

1. Money, and its irrepressible necessity.

2. “Your” and “You’re” mistakes. They kill me every time.

3. The excessive amount of immorality that seems to be flooooding the TV. And world.

2 Things I’m Working On:

1. Making my life more about God’s glory and less about me.

2. Organizing my schedule so I don’t loathe my job.

1 Thing You May Not Know About Me:

I have recently started running. I, Caitlin Boswell (the girl who never ran unless she was being chased), have started running. Just a mile at a time. And I’m lucky if it’s under 11 minutes. But it’s a start. ;)



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