Beaver’s Bend with the BFF

Who’d have thought anything in Oklahoma could look this pretty?

Kristi Belle and I headed down to Broken Bow, Oklahoma with her mom and her mom’s BFF for a girls’ weekend and to shoot a wedding! It was my first wedding in a long time to be the assistant at, and it was so much fun! I loved getting to focus on my favorite part of weddings…the details. :)

I. Love. My. Camera. Have I mentioned that lately? Look at this wedding goodness I got to capture. ;)

We also had to have some fun of our own before the wedding. :) We stayed in a cute little lodge across from Beaver’s Bend. I want to go back and hike for a weeeeek.

It’s like God destined us to be best friends. And great jumpers.


I feel like I’m slacking on blogging frequency lately…this month has kept me busy for sure! I’ve got some posts lined up, so hopefully I’ll be back to being more consistent the next few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be blogging too much when Christmas rolls around and I’ve got no work and all day to stay home. Counting down the days… ;)

Happy Tuesday!



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