A Pupdate

Hey guys. Jack Sparrow here. Mom said she’s too embarrassed to post about me again, so I told her I’d blog all by myself.

I’m a ginormous pup, and you should fear me. I went to the vet this week, and they said I weigh 24 pounds. I’m pretty sure that means I’m really big.

The vet also said my ears are growing really well. Everyone seems to mention my ears when they see me.

Mom still likes to take a lot of pictures of me. I like to bark at her camera now to get on her nerves, but I still sit and pose because she holds the treats.

Mom calls me handsome, like, every day.

Yesterday, my Grandma came to visit me. Except she says I can’t call her Grandma.

My Aunt Alyssa came over too. I like to chew on her. She screams funny.

Mom still squishes me with so many snuggles.

But I like it. She’s silly.

See how much I’ve grown?

I gotta go. It’s time to take my morning nap with Mom, and she seems very excited.

~Captain Jack Sparrow


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