I typically laugh when people ask me why I take so many pictures. Sometimes I answer practically and say, “It’s my job.” It’s too dramatic and takes too long to tell people the reason I actually do. Because time flies like crazy. 

I’ve always loved looking back at pictures and remembering things. I laugh, I cry, I smile. I replay memories in my head, even though it feels like some of those memories just happened yesterday. When something makes me really happy, I like to have a photo of it. I like to look back and remember, Oh yeah. That was the best day ever. 

I drove by the first apartment Andrew and I lived in yesterday. I often drive by the complex; it’s a mere minute from our house now. But this time, I looked at the apartments and started wondering how time can possibly fly by so fast. It seems like we were there yesterday, moving in and organizing my excessive amount of plates. It seems like we were just there taking pictures for our Christmas cards last year…just watching YouTube videos of German shepherds…just dancing in the kitchen to Pandora…just watching 101 Dalmatians while the crazy downstairs neighbors almost got arrested. And now it seems like this is the fastest. year. ever.

This day seems like yesterday. I wish I could go back and live it again 1000 times.

And this one.

And I’d like to live this day again too, even though it was cold and we took 100 remote pictures in 5 minutes and Andrew was ready to kill me for making him wear a Santa hat. :)

Have I really been married a year? Almost a year and a half!? I can’t believe it sometimes. I still love this dude like crazy.

And so I take pictures all the time. With Andrew. With Jack. With whatever and whoever. Because I can’t believe how fast time flies right by me, and I want to remember everything and cherish everything as much as I possibly can.

I paid a visit to Kristi Belle this week to catch up on life. You know, since I hadn’t seen her in 24 hours. And I took her picture, because I wanted to remember her happy mood. And I took her some pizza. (Never underestimate the benefits of best friendship. Lol.)

I took pictures with Jack yesterday. He was looking especially handsome.

And I snapped a picture of breakfast this morning with two of my most favorite ladies. :)

And soon, Hubs and I will take our Christmas card pictures for this year (can’t WAIT to show you what those are going to look like). But before I know it, Christmas will be over. Jack will be grown. Another year will pass. I’ll be coming back to these posts and trying to remember what everything felt like. And I will still be desperately hanging on to time as it flies away from me. How rude. ;-P



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