Christmas Cards

In honor of Hobby Lobby putting their Christmas decor 50% off this week……I have a Christmas-themed post. :)

I’ve never done this before. We’ll see how it goes, and if it’s a hit, yay! If not, whatev. :)

I have a mild obsession with Christmas cards. I like making them, designing them, getting them, mailing them…etc. I’ve designed quite a few in Photoshop, and since I can’t use all of them for my Christmas cards, I’d like to offer them to you! (That way, I can live vicariously through you guys and pretend I used all the designs I like.) If you’d like your picture(s) in one of these designs, email me at with your design choice, what text you’d like on it, and high-resolution photo(s), and I’ll email you back a Christmas card design just for you, ready to print! The cost will be $10, payable by PayPal, and then you can go print your cards wherever you’d like. I suggest and I’ll be designing the sizes with those two sites in mind, but they should be printable most places. You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

[1] – size 4×8

[1b] – size 4×8

[2] – size 4×8

[2b] – size 4×8

[3] – size 5×7

[3b] – size 5×7

[4] – size 5×7

[5] – size 5×7

[6] – size 5×7

[7] – size 4×8… This one’s my favorite…I may end up using it for mine if my current idea flops. :)

[8] – size 5×7

[8b] – size 5×7

[8c] – size 5×7

[9] – size 5×7

[10] – size 5×7. My other favorite…chevroooon. ;)

[10b] – size 5×7

[10c] – size 5×7

Whew. Now that you’re all super tired of seeing our faces over and over again…I wish you a happy Monday. :) Now get out and hit up those Hobby Lobby sales. I’m about to. ;)



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