Happy Howl-oween

Yesterday, Jack was a wild nuisance. A creature of deathly destruction. A monster of meddling and malfunctioning madness. Perhaps he was just pulling a Halloween prank. I promise you his perfect face is the only thing that keeps him alive some days. He’ll have a wonderful day, where he’s cuddly and well-behaved and doesn’t even care to chew on the carpet. And then there are days like yesterday, when he chews everything he comes into contact with, and his favorite chew toys seem to be my limbs and his new favorite pastime is barking in a shrill and disturbing manner. Guys. I think my dog is schizo.

Last night, I made chicken pot pie. Hubs came home with a surprise chocolate malt and we feasted while listening to country music…mostly Kenny Chesney. Looove. 

When we were done with dinner, we danced. Two-stepped, in fact. Jack the maniac laid down underneath a chair in the family room and watched us. Like, really. He sat still and stared while we danced, and it was as if the evil had vanished from his little eyes and it was replaced with wonder. It was heavenly, if only for a few moments. He then proceeded to miraculously fall asleep for two hours while I accomplished lots of editing and Andrew studied. I’m telling you. Dog is schizo.

Alas, he is definitely still the cutest thing to walk the planet. And he’d like to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween. He was so very excited that Mommy and Daddy bought him TWO outfits for his first Halloween.

I dare all of you to put a pirate costume on a 14-week old German shepherd. ;)

It was a little big, but I think he pulled off Captain Jack Sparrow rather well.

And this is my new favorite picture ever.



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