Today, I’m feeling reminiscent. Missing the old days, but looking forward to new ones.

I miss being a newly newlywed. I’m looking forward to Jack being a grown and well-behaved dog who is a masterful snuggler. (P.S. He’s been an absolute angel the past two days…you know, right after I blog about him being crazy. Little stinker.) I’m missing honeymooning in Cancun and swimming with dolphins. I’m looking forward to hiking the days away on our 2-year anniversary trip to Colorado. I’m missing Disney World, especially Animal Kingdom and the Yeti ride. I’m looking forward to future vacations.

And I’m missing this day. I pulled this video up and watched it three times this week…even though I’ve seen it a billion. ;) I adore it so much, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever shared it on the blog. It was the best day ever, and this is the best video ever. :) Enjoy. [Courtesy of the super talented Travis Tindell.]

Here’s to reminiscence. :) And here’s to November!



2 thoughts on “Reminiscent

  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I’d never seen that video, it’s awesome!! SO GLAD I got to share that day with you, it was insanely beautiful. Love you xoxoxo

  2. What a fabulous video! I already love reading your blog, so relatable, but I thought it was so neat that the song behind your video was “Sweet Disposition”! I am planning my wedding right now (10-12-13!) and that exact song will have a special place in my ceremony :)

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