Wish Lists

This time last year, I had most of my Christmas shopping done.

This time this year…I have bought maybe three things. And some stocking stuffers.

I blame the dog. ;)

Are you ahead of schedule on shopping? Have you even made your lists yet? Let me help you if you’re lacking ideas. ;) Here’s what the Boswells are wishing for this year. :)

1. Nail polish. OPI nail polish. I can’t get enough.

2. What?! You’ve never heard of the book German Shepherd Virtues?

3. I needs this one bad…a bathtub caddy that can hold my iPad and phone and a Sonic drink. Forever and ever. Amen.

4. Sweaters. Cardigans. Can women ever have enough?

5. This one’s for both of us really…we need some new bedding. I need to find out what I really want to make of that space and get it dooone.

6. Andrew is asking for Big Bang Theory seasons. Like every day he asks for them. Or quotes them. We’ve already watched all the YouTube videos.

7. He also requests the Indiana Jones series on Blu-ray. As an avid Indy fan, I believe I’ll be buying him those ASAP.

8. Some nerdy finance book because he’s nerdy and into finance. ;)

9. “America’s Game” DVD because he still loves his Cowboys, no matter how much they frustrate us as fans!

10. No, of course he didn’t ask for handsome collared shirts and knit sweaters. But I’m getting some for him.

45 days folks. Be prepared. ;)

Oh and Jack just wants more sticks.



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