Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my little family, for my big families, and my friends I treasure like family. I’m thankful for my house and for the ability to splurge every so often on ridiculously delicious food. I’m thankful for my crazy puppy and his larger than life ears. I’m thankful for warm fall days and for my camera and remote that let me capture life as it flies by. I’m thankful for a patient, loving, and super attractive husband. I am most thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally, and reminds me every day how wonderful He is. :)

My heart is so full. This year has been an interesting ride, but it has been so full of joy and laughter, especially this past month. My little family is my greatest blessing, and God continues to shower goodness on us.

And I am so thankful for each of you readers! Your sweet emails and constant encouragement are so appreciated. I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings and hope you are spending time stuffing your faces with people you love. ;) :)



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