We had a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving, full of an abundance of delicious food and delightful company. :) We are so very blessed with both our families being so close (and so normal). I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this year unfortunately…probably because when we went to my parents’ house for our 2nd meal of the day, we had a third creature with us who was particularly interested in whimpering while everyone else stuffed their faces. ;-P I was a tad busy hanging onto his leash with a death grip so he wouldn’t disturb anyone’s holiday (or plate of food), and therefore, my camera was not quite as attached to my hip this year. Haha. But here’s a few snapshots of the day. I promise more documentation of Christmas. :)

We started the day at Andrew’s Aunt Linda’s with a fabulous feast to stretch out our stomachs. ;)

We did get a nice shot of the Boswell family. :)

We headed to my parents’ house in the late afternoon for our 2nd feast. Mom took this pic of Alyssa and me with Lexi girl. What a champ.

And this was the best sibling picture we could come up with. ;-P I wish we had one of my whole family, but I’m pretty sure Dad was asleep at this point. ;)

Mom’s craftiness. :) I have to say I was a little jealous that the kids’ table was the one with the coloring tablecloth… (Oh P.S. that happy birthday banner is on the wall because we also celebrated my cousin McKenna’s birthday…not because we’re crazy.)

Yes. We had a Thanksgiving cookie cake. :)

Yesterday, we spent the day learning to make Swedish bread with my grandma! She’s full Swedish, so it was a fun little piece of our history. ;)

And today was spent doing some Christmas shopping and lounging with Mom and Lys and the dogs while Andrew worked. Jack has been extraordinarily awesome today, and I hope it’s not a phase. ;) Look how snuggly he and Lexi got today. :)

We also introduced him to the movie Signs to test his bravery. He was quite a fan.

How did you all spend your holiday?? Hope you enjoyed every minute. :) I’m a little sad the weekend is almost over…but only 30 days left till Christmas. ;)



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