Christmas Date Ideas

I’ve been looking forward to December for so long, but I STILL can’t get over the fact that it’s almost here already. I’m baffled at how quickly this season is going, and I’m hoping it slows down a bit!

I’m so stinkin’ excited for Andrew to graduate and have some time off. He’ll still have to work a bunch, but at least most of our nights will be open for date night. I made sure I didn’t book any shoots in December, so I’ll just be working at Mom and Dad’s office when I get the chance. I’m REALLY excited because that means I won’t have to take my work home with me. ;) I’ve been planning lots of fun Christmas activities. :)

1. Go ice skating.

Our city’s outdoor ice skating rink just opened this weekend, and I’m dying to try it for one of our first date nights. I’m basically a weakling when it comes to the cold, but I love ice skating and hopefully we can go before it gets super freezing. And hot chocolate afterwards is always a bonus.

2. Dress up and go out to dinner.

Longhorn, anyone? Have I mentioned that I love Longhorn? We’re there so often I suppose they’ll ask why we’re dressed up this time, but whatever. ;)

3. Go Christmas shopping.

We’ve already done this a couple times together, but I think this is my favorite Christmas-y date. I ADORE Christmas shopping for people. I could do it all day. Andrew and I get so excited when we find perfect gifts for people, and with my recent obsession with wrapping, it’s a fabulous date night. :)

4. Christmas movie marathon.

We love our movie marathons, and we LOVE our Christmas movies. Home Alone. Santa Clause. White Christmas. Elf. I think we’ll wait till we both have the day off for this date. :)

5. Christmas lights.

We’ve been together for 5 years and we have never. ever. been to the Chickasha light show together. I know. Outrageous. I went with my family years ago, but Andrew has never been. We’ll be driving out there to witness the goodness together this year for sure. :)

What are some of your Christmas date nights? I’d love to hear more ideas. :)



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