Good News.

Hey, guess what? I have some happy things to tell you. :)

Hubs graduates in less than a month. 

He also brought me a hot fudge sundae last night. Just cuz. Winner. I made him mini cinnamon rolls last night after his night class, and he ate all. five. We’re just hibernating for the winter apparently. ;)

I have gone crazy wrapping. 

Look at the cuteness! Can I please quit my job and just wrap presents all day?

I made a super cute phone case (via Cafe Press). I made the design in Photoshop because I’m too picky. ;) 


Yes. YES, you read that right. My precious little Jack Sparrow has learned to snuggle, and it is glorious, my friends. I swear I almost cried when he laid next to me and rested his head on my chest and nodded off. The Lord has answered my prayers. He even listens to silly prayers. :) Little man is doing so much better the past couple weeks, and I am SO thankful.

I wuv him.

Christmas is less than a month away.

This one kinda frightens me a little because I haven’t finished Christmas shopping…but I am OH so excited for some down time and family time. :)

The Christmas station on Pandora is the best thing ever.

I’m at work with Mom today and one of our fave co-workers Micah has it playing, and work is bearable because of it. ;)

Happy Thursday loves!



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