Friday Letters

Dear Friday, I love you oh so much. Thanks for being here.

Dear Hubs, You’re super duper. Thanks for making awkward phone calls for me and for bringing me hot fudge sundaes. I’m excited to go ice skating with you today. :)

Dear Sister, You hilarious little munchkin. Thanks for loving on my dog and providing me endless humor. Wuvs you.

Dear Mama, Thanks for driving me around and letting me annoy you at work. I’m buying you a life size Hugh Jackman poster for Christmas. I’m also lying.

Dear Christmas, Stay where you are for now…I haven’t finished decorating or shopping yet. But I’m glad you’re close. :)

Dear Jackers, You wonderful puppy dog! I am so happy you are a snuggler now and have been a stellar pup the past couple weeks. Can’t wait for you to graduate from puppy class next week!

Dear Dad, Have I mentioned how much I adore my iPhone?

Dear Readers, Loves you fabulous darlings. :)




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