A Blue Christmas

Wow. Forgive my long absence from the blog and the lack of “merry Christmas” wishes!! Today is the first day I actually feel normal again. Lol. Let me explain.

Sunday morning, I mentioned to Andrew how excited I was to have made it to Christmas this year without getting sick! I get sick almost every single December…a lot of times, on Christmas day, and it’s terribly depressing. This year I got a cold in September and thought that would count as my yearly cold and I’d be safe. I took my echinacea and vitamin C and drank lots of water leading up to Christmas…but on Sunday night, I felt it coming. Andrew, Alyssa, and I went to Johnny Carino’s for dinner to try to infuse my system with garlic…their garlic dipping sauce for their bread is divine. ;)

But sure enough, I woke up Monday morning unable to breathe out of both nostrils. And if you know me well at all, you know I would rather be vomiting for three days than to spend one day unable to breathe out of my nose properly. It annoys me that much. So Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the day after Christmas were mostly spent in bed for me, blowing my nose, popping my ears, and crying because I was so angry to be sick on Christmas. Hahaha. It was the worst cold I’ve ever had, and I promise I’m not just a baby. ;-P

We DID get to go to the candlelight service at church Christmas Eve (I just brought tissues and cut out early when I felt sick LOL), and we opened presents at Mom and Dad-in-laws’ that night along with brother-in-law. We trekked to my parents Christmas morning with Jackers (and boy was he in a mood), and most of that morning I felt like I was in a fog. But we did get lots of fabulous gifts from both sides. ;) After we left my parents, I felt achy and all I could think about was my bed, so I told Andrew to go to his family’s Christmas, and I celebrated in my own way…by napping for four hours and waking up to watch Iron Will as I drank my orange juice and downed my meds. It was pretty sucky. Haha. BUT I feel pretty great today. Finally. :) It’s been a slow week, but I’m glad it’s pretty much over. This morning, I woke up able to breathe. I’ll take it. :)

SO. I can’t even catch you all up in one blog post about the past week, so I’ll just post pictures are pretend we’re caught up, mmk? :) I will do a separate post to tell you about our super cute Christmas party we had the weekend before Christmas…but there would be over 40 pictures if I tried to combine that with this post, so for now, just enjoy the bits of Christmas I managed to get on camera in my sick stupor. ;)


Andrew and I opened our presents for each other Christmas Eve morning…I needed a pick-me-up. ;)


Best. Show. Ever. We may or may not have already watched that whole season.



Jack likes nerdy financial books too. ;)


Opening his biggest gift… :)


YAY Thunder!! :) Haha. We took Mom and Dad-in-law with us Thursday night and the game was epic.


I got an impressive haul from my stocking. Hubs rocks. ;)


I won’t post many pictures of me because, let’s face it. I was looking rough. But I love this pic of Jackers sniffing out my new jammies. :) haha.


Hands down, my favorite gift. :D Hubs rocked the gift giving this year.


Mom-in-law’s tree belongs on Pinterest. ;)


Brother-in-law getting in the Christmas spirit.



We were super excited about Dad-in-law’s gift from us. :)


Can you see Allie helping Mom-in-law open her gifts?


Try not to look at me. Lol.


Allie was tuckered out by the end of the night.


I loved Mom’s tree this year!


And her table was super festive too. :) I was SO bummed to miss out on her pancakes…I didn’t eat much while sick, but on the plus side, I lost three pounds. ;) Hahaha.


Brad & Sherree opening gifts. :)


Alyssa. Being Alyssa.


Dad wasn’t feeling well either, so I don’t have any good pictures of him. :( The Ulrichs…we’re cursed! :-P


Jacky Boy needed a Christmas bow to cheer me up. :)


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family, friends, and food! :) I’ve got lots of posts lined up now that I’m feeling well again, so be prepared. ;) :)



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