Yesterday was definitely a Monday, and Jack was not a fan.

Around 7:15 AM, I took this picture after telling Jack we were going to the vet. The big neutering day had finally come.


I know. His face just screams, “What? They’re going to do what to me at the vet?!”


After dropping baby boy off and having a serious guilt fest in the car, Andrew & I headed to Katie’s Country Griddle to drown our sorrows and worries in delicious breakfast. Who knows what Andrew had…he finished it too quickly for me to take a picture. ;) It was his first time to Katie’s, and I’m pretty sure he has a new favorite breakfast spot. :)


Before I picked Jackers up, I picked up Alyssa to help me transport him to my house since Andrew had to work. I was afraid he’d be difficult, but all he really did was whine more than usual. From this picture, you can probably tell that Alyssa was feeling less than awesome too…she got sick about twenty minutes later and had a grand old time in my bathroom throwing up, poor baby. :( Monday was mean to everyone, apparently.


This is pretty much the permanent face Jack had on last night. I can only assume he’s indignantly thinking, “Traitor.”


He seemed to forgive me later and made himself comfy on my new pajama pants. (Can you read them? Dad got them for me for Christmas. They say “I love my bed.” Hahaha.)

Anyone else have a hard time “fixing” their pets? Or anyone else have a particularly crappy Monday? Haha.

Here’s to Tuesdays. ;)



3 thoughts on “Mondays.

  1. When I had Puck and Ophelia fixed, it was pure torture for me. Puck, my Boxer, is normally bouncy and robust (and generally crazy), but she was so weak and trembly for the whole day. It broke my heart! Then with Ophelia, our cat, they said to keep her from licking her incisions because if she ripped them open HER INSIDES WOULD FALL OUT. it was horrible. But they bounce back pretty quickly.

    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog. Your little family is precious! I’ve blog about my family and different fun projects at

    • Oh that makes me feel better knowing that they bounce back quickly! Jack sounds like Puck – very energetic. Haha. I have enjoyed his snuggliness lately LOL but I want him to feel like himself! He’s doing better this afternoon. :)

      Thanks for your sweet comment! I checked out your blog, and I will definitely be a follower! :) Your pets are adorable!

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