Countdowns & Plans

I love fresh starts, new years, and excuses to plan. :) I’m going through my planners and calendars and making plans for 2013. Let’s have a countdown, shall we?

3 DAYS until my baby sister turns 15! FIFTEEN PEOPLE. Freaking. Out.

36 DAYS until Valentine’s Day! :) No idea what we’re doing yet, but all I want is to eat a lot of chocolate. (We’re on a diet…)

65 DAYS until my 23rd birthday. Let’s not even talk about how old I feel. BUT I’m thinking of making Andrew take me to the Fort Worth Zoo. Or any zoo will do.

102 DAYS until Andrew’s birthday! I’m scheming, and I can’t wait to tell you what I have planned so far. But Hubs reads this blog, so I can’t till April. Sorry. ;)

132 DAYS until our 2nd anniversary! Good heavens, has it really almost been two years!? It doesn’t seem possible. Hubs and I are gonna wait to plan an escapade for our anniversary until we know where and when he’ll be working this year. I have Colorado on my mind, but we may wait until fall. Want to see the next place we plan to visit there?


Sigh. I cannot even wait.

I’m also planning some fun date nights the next few months. Bowling, movie nights, etc…more to come on that soon. Andrew’s even agreed to a craft night AND to watch Phantom of the Opera. I am the luckiest. ;)

What do you have planned for 2013?



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