Confessions Part 2

I confessed some funny things here last summer. And I have more things to confess.


I have an unhealthy obsession with Longhorn Steakhouse. (Like this wasn’t shamefully apparent already…)

After I got married, I ate and ate and ate and refused to weigh myself for nearly 6 months.

Sometimes I pick up my phone, read a text message, and completely forget I’ve read it when I put it back down.

I’m guilty of judging girls who wear shorts and boots in public. Or ever.

I get flustered when I talk to people with foreign accents. And sometimes I start talking like them in front of them, and it gets really awkward.

The $1 aisles at Target and Michael’s are two of my most dangerous vices.

I avoid getting my hair cut for months sometimes. Mom cuts my bangs. (She does a darn good job, so why pay anyone?!)

One time, I was in the Braum’s drive-thru and couldn’t decide which ice cream I wanted, so I got a hot fudge sundae AND a jr. chocolate malt. Hog status.

I consistently buy packs of mini Hershey’s bars to eat when I’m craving sweets, but can’t afford the calories of pancakes or cookie cake.

This month, I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to Russell Crowe’s songs from the Les Mis soundtrack. (GLORIOUS MY FRIENDS.)

I started sleeping in more after we got Jack. As long as he’s asleep, I sleep.

On that subject, I’ve taken nearly 8,000 pictures of that puppy dog. No. I am not exaggerating.

I have a strange relationship with the soda Fresca. One week, it’s my favorite drink ever, and the next, I can’t stand the smell of it.

Andrew and I get in heated discussions about movies sometimes. He doesn’t adore Iron Will like I do (and he should), and I can’t bear to watch The Edge.

Some days, I get on Google Flights to see where and when the cheapest flight is, and I daydream about a spontaneous trip.

I know this is controversial…but I think very few people can pull off top knots and buns…I just don’t get them, and they remind me of elderly librarians. Forgive me.

I want another puppy in a year or two. A golden retriever. I’m gonna name him Charlie. :) I bet Jack will be a magnificent big brother.

I make anywhere from 2-12 lists a day. Schedules, sticky note to-dos, or planning lists…sometimes I even plan time to plan.

This dog might as well be my child, I’m so obsessed.


Happy Thursday! :)



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