Sister’s Birthday and Such

Hello loves!


This little munchkin turned 15 on Saturday! FIFTEEN FOLKS. Crazy. We surprised her with balloons and flowers Saturday morning and took her and Mama out to breakfast. :) Old School Bagel Cafe…if you haven’t been there, drop what you’re doing, and make a run for a tasty bagel. I mean it.



You could also score a cinnamon roll if you’d like. I doubt you’ll be as excited as Hubs was. ;)


We partied with some family.


And because she’s Alyssa, she made her own birthday cake. (Once we have time to perfect her blog, I’ll send you over to hers to admire and if you’re hungry, order some of her pastry creations! Little kid is more talented than I am.)

In other recent weekend news…


Hubs and I naturally paid a visit to Longhorn. ;) All I want is to eat this salad every day for the rest of my life.


We realized how stinking large Jackers is getting. He’s passed the 50 pound mark and makes me feel a thousand years old when I try to pick him up now.


But he is still perfecting his snuggle skills. :)


In other exciting news, I’m a mere 3 pounds away from what I weighed on my wedding day! :D HOORAY! I treated myself to a reward chocolate chip pancake this morning. ;) When I get back down to wedding weight, I get pizza again. And OH how I miss my pizza.

I feel like January is a bit bland. Anyone else? Hope your Monday is more exciting than my day at work, dieting and pretending summer is closer than it really is. ;)



One thought on “Sister’s Birthday and Such

  1. Your pup is getting so big! I love seeing pics of him :D Congrats on gettin’ into ship shape (weird?)! It’s hard work and you’re awesome for keeping at it and working toward your goal weight! Enjoy that pizza when you get there, haha!

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