“Everything’s an adventure when you’re young.” -Count of Monte Cristo-

Despite my constant need to plan things and be annoyingly organized, I have a startling thirst for adventure and spontaneity every now and then…the kind that always seems to roll around when I have the least amount of money.

Like now.

January is a slow month for me photography-wise and honestly, I like it that way. Winter is mildly ugly in Oklahoma when we don’t have any snow, and I dare not go out in the bitter cold that’s been plaguing us recently. I’ve been working the free days at my parents’ office to bring in some extra money. I sit at a computer and type most of the day, and occasionally get up to make copies or pee. It’s delightfully relaxing. ;)

I’ve been dreaming up little adventures to pass the time while work is slow. Hopefully Hubs and I will be able to accomplish some of these in the coming months! Dream with me?

1. Weekend trip to Lambert’s

Do I even need to mention why I want to head to Lambert’s? I’m hungry. I need rolls. (TWO POUNDS AWAY FROM WEDDING WEIGHT!)

2. Weekend trip to Dallas

I’ve never been to the Dallas Zoo…any of you been? I loved the Ft. Worth Zoo and I’ve heard it’s better, but I enjoy just about every zoo I go to, so I’d like to give it a shot when the weather warms up. And I could spend an entire day at IKEA.

3. Picnic in the park

Get thee behind me, winter! I can’t wait for warm weather and biking and picnics in the park.

4. Go bowling

If you haven’t been to the bowling lanes on Boulevard, you should make a trip solely for their french fries. They’re worth embarrassing yourself with 12 gutter-balls in a row. Andrew and I are long overdue for a humiliating bowling date.

5. Photo Shoot

Can you believe I haven’t had a photo shoot with Hubs and Pups in like a month? :-p I miss those adventures desperately. This is another that will have to wait till it warms up because I’m a pansy in the cold.

What adventures are you planning?



One thought on “Adventure

  1. These past few weeks have been so busy for me getting back into my teaching schedule, but this post inspired me to go for a spontaneous walk with chocolate pudding in the snowy sunshine :) Thanks!! Have fun on your adventures with your hubby!

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