5 Tips for the Newly Engaged


Andrew and I were discussing our 2-year wedding anniversary plans this week, and I feel like such an old married person. ;) I was looking through our wedding and engagement pictures and reminiscing. Thought I’d offer some advice for all you lovelies just starting the wedding journey. :)

1. Book your venue and book your photographer. The rest will fall into place.

The venue is probably your most important to book first, but as a photographer myself, obviously I have to say booking your photographer is a very close 2nd…maybe even 1st if you don’t care where you get married. ;) But for sensibility’s sake, get those two booked quickly so you can breathe. I booked both mine within a week, and it made me feel far more at ease with the rest of the planning. When your wedding is over, you’ll just have the pictures and hopefully a smoking hott husband. Make those pictures pretty. :)

2. Wittle away and nail that guest list down.

I know. Your best friend’s sister’s husband’s cousin was so nice that one time you met her…but trust me, she won’t hold a grudge if you don’t invite her. Well, I can’t promise that because people are weird, but you shouldn’t lose sleep over it. Weddings are expensive. Only invite the people you actually want there. Don’t invite your arch enemy so they can see how good you look in your Vera Wang dress (they’ll see later on Facebook). Invite your closest friends and family and if you can afford it after that, invite more. Once your guest list is finished, you can start looking at how much you can afford elsewhere.

3. Embrace the Internet.

Dive into the World Wide Web at full force and utilize it to the max. Visit sites like Pinterest, WeddingBee, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Wire, etc. They will become your best friend. I got married just a couple months before the Pinterest craze, and I would have loved to have had it as a resource! If you can’t find an idea for your altar decorations, your cake, your whatever… I guarantee you’ll find inspiration on one of these sites. But don’t go too crazy. Be sure to make your wedding your own, or you might hear “Oh, I saw that on Pinterest” all day long at your wedding.

4. Enjoy your last days of being single. 

I know I wish I had slowed down a bit more before I got married. Of course, the time flies quickly either way, but I’m sure I could have done a better time cherishing it. Your wedding day will undoubtedly be the fastest day of your life and once it’s over, it’s over. You don’t get another one. Embrace your last days of living at your parents’ house if you’re still there. You’ll miss them more than you know. Skip triple-checking your handwriting on your invitations, and go out with your girlfriends one more time. Enjoy the last days – it’ll be the last time you’re single! :)

5. Prepare for a beautiful marriage – not just a beautiful wedding. 

Yes. Your wedding is going to (hopefully) be one of the best days of your life. But don’t spend so much time focusing on the wedding that you forget to focus on the person you are going to spend your life with. Prepare for your marriage by cherishing and spending time with your future spouse. Take him on a date and thank him for dealing with your incessant bride babble. Talk about your honeymoon and how you are so excited to lay on the beach and do nothing but eat for days! (Hey…in my book, it’s fine to be that excited about food.) Talk about what you’re going to do when you get married…who will do the dishes, who will pay the bills, who will let the dog out, etc. It’s good to sort through those things so there aren’t any unmet expectations and unnecessary arguments. Discuss where you see your lives in 5 years, 10 years, and so on. Pray together, and ask that God’s will be evident in not only your wedding, but in your lifelong marriage.

And have fun. :) Wedding planning can be stressful at times, I know. Take lots of bubble baths and listen to lots of Michael Buble on those days. And if that fails to make you feel better…go to Longhorn Steakhouse. I promise that’ll work. ;)



One thought on “5 Tips for the Newly Engaged

  1. I love this. And I feel like “prepare for a beautiful marriage, not just a beautiful wedding” is the PERFECT advice, especially for people our age who just want to get married because they see how pretty other weddings are on Facebook or whatever. haha You are lovely and your lists are always awesome. Hope I get to see your face soon! xoxo

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