Friday Letters – January

Dear Friday, Let’s be friends. We’ve got lots to do today!

Dear Husband, Dude. You’re so handsome. Thanks for being my early morning workout buddy FOUR DAYS IN A ROW this week! I’m so proud of you. We are total bosses. AND we’re gonna be super babes come summertime. ;)

Dear Jesus, Your faithfulness is blowing me away! Thank you for continuing to show me that Your plans are higher than mine. I’d be much obliged if Your plans also included Jack’s hyperactivity dying down some time in the near future. ;) Loves you.

Dear Mama, Thanks for buying me eternal Sonic drinks and worshipping admiring Russell Crowe with me. You are Superwoman.

Dear Jackers, Thanks for all the kisses and snuggles this morning. :) I know it’s only cuz you chewed on carpet last night, you sneaky little plotter.


Dear Weight, Please go down two more pounds so I can eat pizza again.

Dear Pizza, I cannot wait to see you!!!

Dear People Reading This, I loves you. Hope your Friday is full of good people and good food. :)



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