February Fun

I can hardly believe that January is already over! But I’m a little happy about it. I’m ready to get the heck out of winter and on to spring and summer. :) I’m looking forward to quite a few things in February…

My 2012 yearbook coming in! If you missed it last year, click here to see what our 2011 yearbook looked like.


I slaved the past couple weeks away working on 2012’s book, and I finally finished it last night. I kept adding and adding pages near the end (I can’t even bring myself to confess how many pictures are of Jack), but it’s going to be worth it and so super cute!

Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure what our exact plans are yet, but I’m 99% sure they will involve Longhorn Steakhouse. ;) I’m thinking all I want is a pedicure. I miss pedicures, and my winter feet are heinous. I’m fairly certain Andrew will ask for a movie or a TV season…we’re fairly obsessed with Big Bang Theory now.


Crafting! I’ve got some new projects up my sleeves, and I’m going to try to tackle them while my photography work is still pretty slow. I found this on Pinterest yesterday, and I’m working on my own Photoshop version. I like the idea of doing this every month where I can write down events too…my yearbooks just have pictures.


Hopefully some warmer weather… My puppy is a thousand times less hyper after he’s had a long walk or a stint of frolicking for an hour in the backyard. I’m a pansy. I can’t do cold weather. He’s been circling the coffee table in the living room for exercise the past couple days. I need some walking weather! :)


What are you excited about in February?




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