The Little Things

So far, this year has felt rather uneventful…we’ve yet to go on any really exciting adventures, the weather has been gross, and I haven’t felt that rush of busy yet. But it’s actually been kinda lovely. ;) I am truly a person made happy by the little things.


Like pancakes. I don’t know how pancakes can make me so happy, but they do.


Friday night date night was reserved for pancakes and Harry Potter. :)


I had Saturday morning breakfast at IHOP with these cuties.


And this one.


And of course, more pancakes. ;) (I won’t even pretend you’re not judging me right now.)


This head-tilter has been exceptionally well-behaved recently. I wuv him.


I just adore those ears.


Our little one-year old class that we watch at church was empty yesterday, so we had a free hour before lunching with the fam. Andrew’s eyes lit up when I suggested we head to Barnes and Noble. He told me not to take this picture of him bringing a chair over from a hundred yards away, but I did it anyway. He likes to sit by me. :)


And this morning, God rewarded us for getting up early and working out by providing us a pretty sunrise to admire when we were finished. :)

Happy Monday my loves!



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