Loads of Love

Let’s show you some Valentine’s Day 2013 highlights. A day that began with my car not starting, but ended with Coldstone for dinner. Win. ;)


I don’t know if there is a greater thing on the planet than breakfast. I made Hubs some cinnamon rolls and naturally, I had a pancake. An extra chocolate-y one.  ;)


Puppy was looking so festive!


My first gift from Andrew was given the night before V-day, and we watched it both nights. Lol. I adore this movie. I’m positive that Daniel Craig is the coolest man to ever walk the planet. I’m currently searching for his wardrobe to duplicate for Andrew.


My 2nd gift from Andrew was a pedicure! And it was heavenly. Perhaps the best four words to ever be put together are “hot towel foot massage.”


“Grand Canyon Sunset” by OPI, in case you’re curious. ;)



Andrew got some yummy goodies from me (that sparkling cider came from a set of miniature bottles, so it’s far more impressive than it looks, I assure you), and he got a frame with a super cute picture from Jackers. :)


I’m spoiled. :)


I’m so excited to watch the rest of my lilies bloom! They smell so good.


I visited my other valentine Kristi Belle at work before lunch. She was rocking her red high heels and lookin’ fly. ;)


Mom-in-law took me to lunch at Longhorn.


Sigh. :)

Yes. Andrew & I planned to have dinner at Longhorn (I could eat there for every meal), but the wait ended up being 2 hours and they don’t do reservations, so we opted to get his steakhouse burger to go, and I had a Peanut Butter Cup Perfection from Coldstone for dinner. :) So romantic, I know. ;) Hahaha.


And we got our craft on and made some cutesy sharpie mugs. :) This one is obviously mine. I couldn’t get a good picture of Andrew’s, but it says, “You’re gonna need a bigger mug.” Bahaha. Movie quote man. ;)

Our Mamas also spoiled us with gift cards and candy and goodness. I’ve got far too many Reese’s in my house right now.

And this wasn’t a Valentine’s gift, but Mom got me this last week, and I just about died of glee.


Happy Monday loves! :)



One thought on “Loads of Love

  1. Aww!!! So glad you had a lovely Valentine’s Day! We ate Longhorn the night before because I do NOT do crowds! I am also obsessed! :) Btw, I am just about to email you back. I totally forgot until I saw this post! :)

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