A Day in Hours


7:00 AM – Looked outside the window to realize Oklahoma had pulled another fast one on us.


8:00 AM – Sad to see Andrew go to work.


Still 8:00 AM – But happy for snuggle time.


9:00 – Play/snuggle time while Mommy tried to get some editing done and some Jesus time in.


10:00 – Mama picked me up for work and before heading out, we stopped back at her house to get some things and see this angel.


11:00 AM – At work. With a trusty Sonic drink. :)


12:00 PM – Lunchtime and planning. (That would be half a wheat bread sandwich with butter and peanut butter and a mini Hershey’s for dessert…judge away.)


1:00 PM – Working. Working. Working. Facebooking. Working.


2:00 PM – Still working, but in between copies I worked on this week’s “52 Lists.” If you don’t know what this is, click here. This blogger understands my list-making obsession.


3:00 PM – Packed up my beloved iPad and notebooks, picked up Alyssa, and headed home.


4:00 PM – Nap time with Pups and Hubs.

5:00 PM – No pictures, because we napped. :)

6:00 PM – No pictures, because Kristi Belle and I went and worked out at the gym, and we don’t need pictures of that. We’re cute in real life, I promise. ;)


7:00 PM – We hit up a dying Blockbuster and I scored Hubs “The Godfather” for $1.99.


8:00 PM – Home. Stopped to smell the flowers. ;) I adore lilies.


8:00 PM – Popcorn for dinner. BECAUSE I CAN.


9:00 PM – Watched Rush Hour while editing.



10:00 PM – Bedtime. I know we sound old, but we usually get up early to work out. ;) This morning, however, Oklahoma created what we believe is called a thunder sleet snow storm? Yeah. Gym was closed. No workouts for us till tonight it looks like.

Happy Thursday lovelies! :)



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